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- Testimonials -

Sweet words from some of my past clients...

I am humbled by every birth I attend and every family I have the honor of supporting. 

When you know, you know.

"All over mainstream media, birth is more than often depicted as a tortuous event with lots of screaming and suffering pain. Before I met Bethany, I had only had a superficial perception of childbirth as a horrible means to a wonderful end: baby. Bethany’s unconditional support helped me feel that natural childbirth was possible and that I could rock it. By lending me her books on childbirth and discussing the birth I truly wanted, I felt confident that I could do it once delivery day came. She helped me feel empowered by birth, not scared of it.

Bethany’s kind spirit and strength played an important role in my birthing experience. Bethany’s presence was so important that my water broke right after our last prenatal session! My mind body and soul felt ready to birth because she had helped insightfully prepare me. Bethany made an excellent team with my wife and together they coached me through each contraction with a mixture of compassion, humor, calmness, and love. I was able to deliver my son the way I wanted and felt like a proud goddess after he was born, the way Bethany said I should look and feel after that experience. I am so grateful to have met such a wonderful doula and now friend. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and her huge heart radiates to anyone she meets. She is one of a kind and a strong asset to any expecting mama and family. "                                                                                                                             

May 2016

Meghan & Erin 

"Oh, my sweet Bethany! What would my family do without her? She was entirely vital at Kadence’s birth, which lasted 65 hours long. I didn’t get to sleep and neither did she. Bethany was right there next to me the whole time, only taking small breaks when absolutely necessary. Not a single complaint. She gave 100% support to Cody and I from the start and I couldn’t be more thankful for that at such a difficult time. Bethany also shared lots of tips and position techniques for the birth in our pre­partum appointments that immensely helped us. After birth, she drove all the way out to my house in the mountains to check up on us and helped with a little housework. She provided the most beautiful and strong emotional support a new mommy could ever ask for! Thank you so much Bethany... "

June 2015

Lauren & Cody

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