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Baby's Clutch

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Postpartum Support

As a postpartum doula, it is my goal to help you adjust to the many changes and new challenges you may encounter with a new baby.It is my hope that when you have support, those challenges can feel less overwhelming, your confidence may be higher and your new family can bond and flourish. Some of the new changes and challenges could be:                                               

   • Recovery from childbirth

   • Total responsibility for a tiny dependent newborn

   • Sleeplessness

   • Emotional adjustment

   • Mastery of infant feeding and care

   • Understanding of and adjustment to the unique personality of your baby     

   • Household and nursery organization                    

The ways in which a birthing person, baby, partner and siblings make the transition to a new family unit have a long-term impact on their physical and emotional health. The postpartum doula fills a large gap in  Postpartum aftercare, and is able to facilitate a smooth and rewarding transition.

Each family has different needs that may even change from day to day. It is important that communication remain open, as clients’ needs or priorities may change with time or experience. I as your postpartum doula, anticipate these changes and will be prepared to remain flexible in my role.














Postpartum Doula Support (Day):

Day time doula services that are often provided include:  • Breastfeeding support (referral to a lactation consultant if needed)

• Education on infant care including soothing and comfort skills

• Support for emotional and physical recovery after childbirth

• Spend time with baby so family will have time to peacefully rest

• Organize nursery for optimal infant care

• Nutritious food preparation

• Offer a listening, non-judgmental ear

• Phone contact as needed 


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Postpartum Doula Support (Night):


Overnight support is when a Postpartum Doula comes to your home to support you through the night by fully caring for the baby while you are able to get some sleep. Some other ways a doula can support you at night are:

• Support with feeding your baby, by bringing them to you to eat or helping with bottle feeding

• Light food prep for next day or leaving breakfast ready for when you wake

• Laundry and quiet household organizing/tidying


Hours that are most common for support are 9pm-5am or10pm - 6am, but different variations are available.

If you have any questions about this kind of support, please reach out!

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**First initial interview or phone consultation is FREE**

If I am being hired prior to your baby being born, I like to schedule a prenatal visit to meet you before we start working together. This is a time to get a feel for what you think you will be needing once baby has arrived, for me to give knowledge to any questions and also to get to know each other and your home so I can support you to the best of my ability when the time comes.

If I am being hired after the baby is born, I like to come a half hour early to the first shift to check in, hear about the birth and customize your care to what you are needing in that time.

Envisioning Your Postpartum -

4th Trimester Planning Support:


During this meeting we will be able to discuss the vision you have for your early postpartum journey and beyond.

This will be a time to ask any questions, get clarity on the different options and modalities of 4th trimester care and settle into the reality that a new little being will be joining you soon.

Lets drop in and get deep.

We will go over and process many of the different emotions and scenarios that have been already or can come up after this big transition into parents as well as connect over what the journey has been like for you thus far.

I will also be able to offer any resources I may have to support you in enjoying or dropping into the last weeks in awaiting your baby's arrival.

Additional Services Of Support

Infant Care 101: 

Having your first baby can be scary. There are so many options these days for carriers, products and parenting styles it can be hard to know where to start. Together we can connect one on one in your home with you and your support person/s to go over basic baby needs and soothing techniques, amongst many more helpful tips. During this time we can go over any questions you may have around your birth and postpartum time as well as give me the opportunity to hold a safe container for any big feelings or fears that may be present as well. 

The goal of this visit is to help you feel more confident in the moments right after your baby arrives to ease that early transitional time.

I would love to support you!

Nursery Bedroom or Kitchen Organization:

Do you have tons of new baby stuff and don't know what to do with it? Has your bedroom or kitchen lost its organization since baby came? Do you need to go through old clothes and restock your closet? Let me help you!

I like to come into my clients homes and help them find ways to best use their space and have every day needs readily accessible. I can help you utilize supplies you already have, or go shopping for you to find the best solution for the project at hand. 

All in all, I love to bring ease and peace to your home in a time of big transition.

Reach out to talk about what kind of magic we can make together!

Nutritious Postpartum Meal Prep: 

Add on postpartum meal prep to any service, surprise a dear friend, or book all on its own.

With this service you will get a delivery of nutritious food inspired by Ayurvedic, one of many, traditions of keeping the new birthing parent warm with nourishing foods for optimal healing. This delivery will include 3 days worth of meals, snacks and teas. This service can also include prepping food for you and the rest of your family in your home so you can spend more time bonding and less time worrying about what to cook for your meals.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

**Everyone deserves the support they want and need through this time. Please reach out about sliding scale or payment plans**

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