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Newborn Baby

Emotional, Informational and Physical Support:

The Benefits of Hiring a Doula

What is a Birth Doula?
• A person trained and experienced in childbirth who provides continuous
   physical, emotional, and informational support to a person during labor, birth, and the immediate      postpartum period.
• They perform no clinical tasks.
• They support you in the birth you want!


Benefits of Birth Doulas:
• Fewer complications/interventions:

   - Cesarean rates reduced.
   - Less need for medications to speed labor.

   - Less need for forceps/vacuum extractor.

   - Fewer requests for pain medications.

• Increased confidence in self and in partner/ coach.

• Higher success rate in breastfeeding.
• Increased satisfaction with birth experience.
• Mother views baby more positively.

• Continuity in care (prenatal, labor, birth and immediate postpartum).
• Lowers anxiety /stress levels.
• Less likely to have postpartum depression.


Benefits to Partner:

• Allows partner to be involved to their own comfort level.

• Support and help for the partner.
• Partner can take breaks.
• Increased confidence in self and laboring mother.

• Partner views birth experience and baby more positively.


Tools a Birth Doula May Use:
• Massage/ Counterpressure/ Acupressure.
• Positioning.
• Breathing techniques.
• Relaxation techniques- focal points, imagery, sensory therapy, and more.
• Music.
• Hot/ Cold therapies.
• Birth balls.

• Shower/ Bath.
• Knowledge of options.
• And more!!!


Feeling Mom's Tummy

What is a Postpartum Doula?
• A person trained to care for new families in the first weeks after birth providing guidance with newborn care and infant feeding, household help, and emotional support.

• Professional support person trained in, but not limited to:
  - Breastfeeding/chestfeeding tips and support.

  - Bottle feeding support and knowledge.
  - Typical newborn behavior and development.

  - Newborn care.
  - Postpartum nutrition.
  - Recognizing postpartum mood disorders.
  - Linking parents to community resources.


Benefits of a Postpartum Doula:

• Greater satisfaction with postpartum period.

• Quicker birth recovery.
• More likely to eat healthier and sleep more.

• More confidence in parenting and childcare.

• Less stress and anxiety.
• A lower incidence in postpartum mood disorders.
• Higher breastfeeding/chestfeeding success rate.


Role of a Postpartum Doula:
• Supports the family through early transitional days and weeks.
• Assists with early breastfeeding.
• Provides information on normal newborn behavior and development.
• Provides guidance and help with newborn tasks such as diapering, bathing,        cord care, dressing, feeding, burping, etc.
• Prepares meals, runs errands, performs light housekeeping.
• Helps parents process birth.
• Works with extended family members.

And so much more!

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